What it Takes to Process a Request

Our graphic design firm functions pretty well (if we do say so ourselves) through our systematic approach to processing new requests. This system keeps our team on-time and on-budget for our projects. It allows us to take on new jobs every day while balancing all of our existing work without forgetting anything.

Here’s what happens when we get a new client request.

Graphic Design Firm Project Step 1: The First Contact

If you’re a brand-new client starting your first project with us, your first contact will likely be with someone from our sales team (haven’t met them yet? Give us a call). We’ll discuss your needs and vision for your project and then we’ll do some housekeeping where we’ll get you to fill out a few forms for our reference. Once you’re on board, we’ll introduce you to our project manager, who will get your project on the books.

Graphic Design Firm Project Step 2: Project Management

Once our project management gets your job in our system, the fun stuff starts. She checks out our production schedule, your project timeline and assigns the project accordingly. She is the one that will keep you updated as we brainstorm, write, design, edit, revise, proof, problem solve and post or print your project. Some projects, the real big ones, requires a lot of these steps and require our entire team. For these longer ones, we will make sure you have a timeline so we are all on the same page the whole time.

Keep in mind that while we pinky promise to do our part to keep your project on track, it’s also up to you to provide content in a timely manner and proof approvals and feedback as well. Also keep in mind that if the scope of the project changes, so does the timeline. So if our clients bring us a major shift in direction or if something gets added, our timeline gets changed, too. We try to be as flexible as we possibly can; we totally understand that things happen, and we want you to meet deadlines as much as we want to meet our own.

Graphic Design Firm Project Step 3: Project Brief + Creative Brief

Once we get started, we usually host an internal project brief to tell our team about the details and scope of your project. Next, our creative team meets to discuss the, you guessed it, creative ideas for your project. This is when directions are decided, sketches are drawn and creative tasks are assigned out.

Graphic Design Firm Project Step 4: Approvals

Once we get to the hands-on part of your project – the designing and revising – we strategize, create and edit until we create your final product. Each project involves a set number of internal and client approvals to ensure we get it right.

Graphic Design Firm Project Step 5: Deliverables

When all is said and done, your project scope will determine the final deliverables of your project. We will deliver to you the final print-ready files, ship you the prints, or upload your final product wherever you need it to be.

Do you have a project you want to set in motion? Send us something fun to work on!

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