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Hogwood BBQ

BBQ restaurant branding for Hogwood BBQ included the development of a brand for a freestanding restaurant from a concept initially designed for a catering company. Our team created a vision for the visual direction and narrative for the restaurant. Then, we wove the vision through each and every touchpoint to bring to life a completed branded experience for customers and staff.

If you want to get the Nice Branding Agency girls on board with your bbq restaurant branding project, all you have to do is ask. When our clients at Hogwood approached us with big dreams for their new Nashville bbq joint, we jumped on board faster than you can say “smokin'”.

Josh McBride, our client, wanted to bring Hogwood, a Colorado-based bbq catering business, down to the south. He knew he needed a great brand to bring a company so far away into a new market. So, he reached out to us and we got started bringing home the hog.


We knew the logo needed to be updated to carry the brand into this new market, so we got started refining the existing design into a version that work work better in application across branded materials. The restaurant name existed inside the outline of the hog. This was great, and just needed to be cleaned up. But we also gave the restaurant an iteration of the logo that could exist without the hog icon. The more simplified version was to be utilized in the design of signage, apparel, etc.


First, we needed to figure out the positioning for the Hogwood brand in the Nashville market. Changing a catering business into a new fast-casual concept would take some imagination. We were excited to bring the brand alive in its very first brick-and-mortar.

Therefore, we created a soulful brand board that showcased the deep-rooted passion behind the food. The brand board we made was filled with wood tones, industrial lighting fixtures, and aged recipe cards. We also used wall installations full of photos, black and white tile, and a hint of mustard to bring a warm color into the mix.


Additionally, this mood board we created was inspired by existing aspects of what fueled the vision behind the Colorado catering business: the rustic hog logo, imaging focused around the fire, and the soulful recipes behind the food. The basic feeling of the bbq restaurant branding already existed. We just needed to make it come alive in a new way.


The Hogwood website required a simple design. We needed to focus on the menu and showcased the brand. We created a site filled with imagery indicative of the fire and filled it with calls to action to guide viewers to place an order or to come and taste the hog.

The website also provided us with a new space to showcase the brand story we wrote for Hogwood. This brand story, which we also posted in the restaurant, spelled out the passion behind Hogwood’s food.


We created a short and sweet menu design. This menu could be used for takeout orders, dine-in orders, and online catering ordering. Finally, custom menu boards made their food larger-than-life in the space. We wanted it to be easy for customers to read and order.



Next, we designed the interior. This part let us bring most of our brand board to life. Just as we imagined, we created a photo gallery wall and used walls of focal tile. We also incorporated industrial lighting and wood accents to bring the soul of the fire into the space. We presented our client with an interior design plan, and worked hand in hand with the architect to carry out the vision.


Now it was finally time to prepare for Hogwood’s opening in Nashville. Next, we created branded social media posts to encourage potential customers to experience the Hogwood brand- and the food. These posts, much like the website, were filled with calls to action to get the customer to make a move! We wanted them on the phone, placing an order, or in the store, ordering up some smokin’ bbq and handcrafted sides.

Bringing a restaurant (or catering business!) into a new market is difficult. Strong restaurant brand support can make the launch a success.

If you have an idea for a new concept, or a new location for an existing brand, reach out to Nice Branding Agency. Let us help you make a splash in a new city. Contact us today, and let’s get this party started.

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