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Masala Wok

Masala Wok approached Nice Branding Agency for Indian restaurant branding for all 10 existing locations, as well as an interior design plan for two new locations. Our team of strategists and designers created a visual direction and narrative. Then, we translated the look and feel to the menu design, interior design, menu boards, attire, restaurant materials, website, marketing system, and franchise materials.


Our Indian restaurant branding project started with the development of a visual direction. Now, our goal was to create a look that would entice those who were unfamiliar with Indian food. But, we still wanted to pay homage to the culture. So, we assembled brand boards full of images, colors, textures, fonts, and typography. Each board portrayed a different direction the brand could take. Our client selected the direction that displayed a clean aesthetic with bold pops of color.


Combining both Indian and Asian culture into our logo design was a challenge. We chose to incorporate an elephant in the end that could symbolize both cultures. The custom elephant design features a flame it’s the trunk. The flame is symbolic of the wok used to make Asian food.


The colors we chose for this Indian restaurant branding project were bold and rich to deploy the brand direction. Then, we used them within our designs to help visually distinguish between the Indian and Asian aspects of the brand. Finally, we created a witty and fun brand voice to fit in with the Masala Wok vibe. Sayings like “tikka chance” and “curry back” were used everywhere. This brought playfulness onto the menus, walls, social posts, and everything else we branded.

At the beginning of this Indian restaurant branding project, Masala Wok had existed for years. They had been serving up fast-casual Indian and Asian food for more than a decade.  As a company, their goal is to introduce traditional flavors and fresh ingredients to the mainstream public. Furthermore, they were expanding into two new locations. They determined that they wanted to strengthen their brand to attract a new demographic of diners.


Masala Wok picked Nice Branding Agency for the Indian restaurant branding project, and we were thrilled. First, we took a deep dive into their existing branding. We proposed a revamp of their existing brand. The rebrand would combine Indian and Asian flair from their food into the rest of their branding. Our next step was to present a few new Indian restaurant branding concepts to the client. With their feedback, we settled on a modern, colorful, playful brand direction that would guide our design.


As we started to brand the interior, we knew we wanted to create a place that felt the way the Masala Wok brand is. We went over every customer touchpoint and filtered it through their brand. Then, we selected the tile, seating, light fixtures, paint colors, wall installations and signage that would make that happen.

The client had one existing aspect of the original Masala Wok interior that they wanted to bring into the new space. They loved a set of posters that explained the meaning behind the words masala and wok. To recreate this, we created ceiling-height wall panels with custom artwork that defined these meanings in the new branding.



As we worked through every customer touchpoint, we couldn’t forget one of the most important ones: the employees! After all, we needed to bring the brand into the experiences between the employees and each customer. Therefore, we created on-brand employee attire that would represent the fun colors and bold logo of Masala Wok.


This new site we created became a launchpad for the marketing plan we developed for this Indian restaurant branding project. The marketing plan we outlined ensured a successful opening for both of the new Masala Wok locations. The client’s willingness to follow our lead throughout the project resulted in a well-defined, cohesive brand.

“The Katy store is now open and looks fantastic,” said Masala Wok founder, Pramod Prodduturi. “Customers love the interior, and I’ve noticed lots of people taking pictures. I appreciate your efforts in getting the store ready and lining up all things. We have never had a store opening with as great a response as what we experienced in Katy.”

The success of this Indian restaurant branding project lead Nice Branding Agency into a new project with the owners of Masala Wok to create Tikka Shack, a new concept in Texas. So, Nice Branding Agency has continued to support the Masala Wok brand with on-brand graphic design work and marketing.

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At the time of the rebrand, Masala Wok’s online presence existed, but wasn’t operating at its ideal to make an impact for their brand on the world wide web. Also, with all of the new collateral in the brand-new branding we had created, it was time to revamp their site to sport their new look. After all, cohesion is one of the main keys to effective branding.

So, we created a custom site with better user experience that brought the brand to the forefront. Here, we got to showcase all the new branding, the new brand voice and the mouth-watering food photography we had created.


Finally, the existing food photography Masala Wok was using when we started this Indian restaurant branding project wasn’t doing enough for their amazing food. We knew their food was incredible, so showcasing it better was one of our top priorities.

For their food photoshoot, we gathered together tons of props and worked out a plan to shoot every dish on their menu. Then, over the next few days, we kept the kitchen working to create each dish, and we kept shooting until we got each shot perfect.

The final photos we used everywhere from their website to social media posts, advertising campaigns and in their marketing.

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