Planning Social Media Content for the Holidays

Creating branded social media content can be difficult during the holidays. How does a brand’s voice fit in during religious seasons? Why would someone want to hear from a brand during a season where, traditionally, people are more focused on family?

During the holiday season, the social media culture definitely shifts a little bit to favor more meaningful content. Typically, this is a season where brand content doesn’t garner engagement as well as it usually would.

Should you still post on-brand content throughout the Holiday season, or an y “off-season” your brand’s content may have? Absolutely. While it can be difficult to continue to post timely content without losing sight of your brand’s perspective during the holidays, we recommend that brands keep up the good work on social. Here are some of our social media company’s top tips for keeping the ball rolling (and the engagement up) during the holidays.

Planning Holiday Social Media Content

The first thing to keep in mind when developing holiday social media content is the unique perspective of your brand. No matter what season, this is what maintains the success of your posts. Even if you post a heartfelt holiday sentiment, it will fall short if it doesn’t make sense or tie into your brand.

While the holidays are a great time to capture the emotions of your audience through the personality of your brand, make sure to keep your sentiments on-brand.

As you plan out your content, remember that if you’re going to write up some holiday-themed posts in the spirit of the season, keep your messages heartfelt, inclusive and appropriate to represent your business well.

Writing Your Social Media Content

When you set out to write your social media content, first decide how many of your posts will be “different” for the season. Will all of your posts be holiday themed, or will you have a few set posts to celebrate the season? How does your brand usually reflect the seasons throughout the year? Use that as your guide. This will help you decide whether you are either running a whole holiday-themed social media campaign or just posting one themed post on a holiday.

As with all social media content, let your platforms shape your content a little bit, too. Instagram is a great place for holiday sentiments, but LinkedIn posts will need a business tie-in to make sense on the feed.

Research how brands in your industry are using social media during the holiday season. What are the industry trends? If you’re not sure, give our social media company a call. We’re super good at assessing social and developing strategies for brands.

Monitoring Social Media Accounts During the Holidays

Don’t just schedule your posts for the season and then clock out for your winter vacation – make sure you monitor your holiday content throughout the season. This interaction really makes your branded content come to life and builds relationships with your followers.

Double check all of your scheduled posts before you start your out-of-office days, too. Then you’ll be good to go.

If you’d rather have one less thing to handle this holiday season, reach out to the girls at Nice Branding Agency; our social media company is well-versed in protecting branded content over the holiday season and year round. Give us a call!

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