Project Showcase: Taco Garage

We’re excited to be able to share this taco restaurant branding project because we’re super proud of how it turned out.

Rick and Cindy Story reached out to us because they had an idea for a new fast-casual taco joint in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. They already owned several Buffalo Wild Wings franchises, so they knew a thing or two about the restaurant business. They wanted a branding agency to work with them on their new taco restaurant branding project.

Taco Restaurant Branding

After our first meeting, Cindy and Rick decided to let us mastermind the branding portion of their taco restaurant branding project. To begin, we started on research and developed some concepts that we thought would work well in their target market in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Our restaurant branding process usually begins with brand boards. In the brand boards, we compile ideas into three different “brands” that we can show to our clients. Each board features a unique direction that the final brand can take.

The three brand boards that we pitched to Cindy and Rick were Taco Garage, Taco Diner, and Taco USA. Can you guess which one they ended up going with?

Usually, the names of the brand boards aren’t actual name ideas, but this one just worked. With the name and the brand board decided on, we moved on into the brand direction for Taco Garage.

Cindy and Rick wanted to make something unique. We worked with them on their brand voice, inspired by the “Taco Garage” vibe, and created a mission statement of sorts for their new taco spot. Taco Garage would make “real tacos for real people that taste real good.” Meaning, they were all about simple ingredients and great flavors, bringing amazing food in a straightforward way to Murfreesboro. It’s not fancy. It’s just real good.

One of the most important bits of their branding was the creation of the Taco Garage logo. We found some grungy fonts and designed our hearts out until we found the perfect balance of cool, bold and grunge to create the Taco Garage logo.

Taco Restaurant Branding Project: Environmental Branding

Once we had some of the main brand elements created, we got started on the environmental branding for the new space. We wanted each Taco Garage customer to get the Taco Garage experience just from being in their space. We wanted their space to give off the same vibe as their food: real simple and real good.

To create the interior for the ‘Garage, we started from the bottom and worked our way up. The first thing we did was figure out the floor plan. We wanted to keep in line with their mission to be uncomplicated, so we made a line straight from the door to the POS station. Keeping this in mind, we planned out where all of the furniture, lighting, counters, bars, and drink stations would go in the space.

Then, we picked out materials that would fit in with the Taco Garage feel. We picked out flooring, hardware, lighting, furniture, wall colors, wall installations, countertops, seating, booth fabrics, bartops, and more. No details was skipped over. That’s because every detail in a restaurant is an opportunity to showcase who you are. We made sure to put the Taco Garage brand everywhere. 

Taco Restaurant Branding Project Menu Design

Menu designs are a really important part of the customer journey. After all, menus are the maps to the food! To keep in line with the simple, no-fuss Taco Garage brand, we created tear-off cards instead of digital menu boards. Old-school pencils and pads of the tear-off menus line the entrance, so the first thing the customer sees when they walk in is the way to order their tacos.

Food Photography For a Taco Restaurant Branding Project

The Nice Branding Agency team took a trip to Taco Garage to do a few professional food photography sessions before they opened. Professional food photos make a huge difference in the strength of branding and marketing restaurant materials. Showcasing your food is super important to get mouths watering and tummies rumbling.

For our photoshoot, we focused on the simple ingredients and the delicious, uncomplicated menu of tacos, fries, queso and more.

The final photos have been used to further the reach of the Taco Garage brand on social and in all of their marketing campaigns from emails to social media ads.

Restaurant Attire

To turn the Taco Garage into walking ambassadors for their new brand, we created tee shirts with their witty messaging on it. Tee shirts emphasized the casual nature of Taco Garage, and they were a great opportunity to put some of our witty wordsmithing to work.

Taco Restaurant Branding Project Website

The website we designed and developed for Taco Garage was carefully optimized. It needed to get people to visit Taco Garage or call and place an order. With that in mind, we deployed the brand across the site. We developed calls to action and put them everywhere to encourage visitors to come and visit Taco Garage. We kept it simple and bold, just like the rest of their brand.

Taco Restaurant Branding Project Marketing

We advised our clients on picking a POS system that would enable them to start marketing campaigns based on loyalty programs within the POS system. We recommended one that has the option to collect email addresses that can be used for drip campaigns for future marketing campaigns.

Do you have a taco restaurant branding project that we can get our hands on? Hit us up and let us know how we can put our branding brains behind your next restaurant venture.

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