A discovery session will be hosted to dive into who you are as an organization. We will then deliver a positioning statement, descriptive paragraph, brand attributes, brand story, and visual direction. These elements define the essence of the brand through voice and visual direction, uncovering the true soul of the brand.



Our team takes a strategic approach to creating compelling business names that serve as a vessel for holding the brand story. Our process for naming includes research into your differentiators and competitors, followed by the creative development of three options paired with meanings and available domains.



We will develop a positioning statement, a compelling brand story, descriptive paragraph, who you are, who you’re not, and brand attributes that capture the essence of your brand. These foundational statements will set the voice and tone for your brand, as well as your verbal identity.



We will develop a cohesive narrative that encompasses the facts and feelings that are created by your brand. Unlike traditional advertising, which is about showing and telling about your products or services, a story must inspire an emotional reaction. This is the verbal heartbeat of your brand.



While developing foundational verbiage, we will determine the appropriate voice and tone for your brand. Brand voice is what you say and brand tone is how you say it. These can vary depending on the scenario and audience, so having a Brand Voice guide is crucial to alignment and cohesion.



A visual direction is a visual roadmap for the development of your brand. We’ll develop three brand boards with distinct visual concepts, and you’ll select one. This will become the visual identity of your brand.



We will create semi-fictional representations of your ideal customers based on data and research. These customer personas will help you better understand, strategically target, and cater to the needs of customers across all platforms, including marketing, sales, and service.



Once we’ve identified your business objectives, we use our many years of experience in branding and marketing to craft a clearly defined, multifaceted marketing strategy for boosting brand awareness, increasing revenue or sign-ups, driving website traffic, and more. The marketing tasks will come paired with a suggested cadence and associated budgets. 

We will compile our findings into a comprehensive presentation that we will review with you in detail. Upon presentation and review of your marketing strategy, we will guide you through the decision making process as to which items you would like to execute. In addition to strategic planning, our team can also execute the entire plan with collateral and design that support your branding.

We create and execute individual marketing campaigns and annual marketing plans to support the goals of your business with collateral and design that support your branding.



A brand audit is a checkup that evaluates your brand’s position in the marketplace, its strengths and weaknesses, and ways to improve it. Our brand audit begins with researching your industry, competitors, and customers. We then evaluate the purpose, goal, look, and feel of all existing customer-facing collateral, including logo, packaging, website, photography, social media presence, advertising, and more. A brand audit is an effective way to uncover pain points in the customer journey and opportunities to improve assets to better align all branded materials with the overall mission of your company.



Similar to a brand audit, a marketing audit consists of reviewing and analyzing your brand’s existing marketing efforts. We evaluate the purpose, goal, look, feel, and results/effectiveness of all existing marketing campaigns and materials, including advertising (print, digital, radio, etc.), email marketing, social media, website, and beyond. A marketing audit will uncover pain points in the customer journey, opportunities to better align assets with the brand, and increase ROI.



A logo is the overall essence of your business pared down into the most powerful mark that will ever be associated with your venture. A well-designed logo allows a business to appear professional and polished to clients and potential customers. Our team of branding experts will create a versatile, simplistic mark that is a true representation of your company. This mark, paired with a carefully selected color palette and a well-crafted typographic design will become distinctive in your industry and give you a leg up on the competition. Our logo design process delivers multiple logo formats along with logo guidelines, providing details on usage.



We will design and equip you with professional branded collateral, including a business card, letterhead, envelope, and a messaging card.



We will design and develop a mobile-friendly, custom website on WordPress. Your website will effectively communicate your brand and compel users to take action. The new design will be based on a strategy that puts the user first and works to be a resource to the user. Services and key messaging will be developed to work in unison to further urge viewers to connect with the brand. We’ll then teach you how to update key content yourself. You’ll own the site, but we can host and maintain it for you. We offer single-page, mini (5-8 pages), and mighty (up to 15 pages) websites, depending on your business needs.



We provide the strategy, design, copywriting, and printer coordination for marketing materials that will set you up for success after your brand launch. Whether you need a brochure, an advertisement, attire design, vehicle design, or something else, our graphic design team creates brand support that makes a bold statement and aligns with business objectives.



We will compile a set of Brand Guidelines to help direct ongoing development efforts for your brand. Included will be brand colors, brand fonts, photography direction, a set of guidelines for proper logo usage, and more. Cohesion and consistency builds trust with customers, and a Brand Guide aids in success in these areas.



Mouthwatering food photography is non-negotiable in attracting customers to a restaurant. We will create styled scenes in a staged environment and photograph key menu items to extend the reach of your restaurant brand.



Our team will curate an offering of promo products or attire to support your promotional branding needs or your merchandise demands. From selective sourcing, to design, to fulfillment, you can count on our branding experts to provide and deliver options that will be impactful and make a connection with something other than the trash can.



We will work to weave the brand visuals and narrative throughout your space to create a stronger connection with customers and strengthen the overall impact of the brand. This will be carried out through graphic design and interior branding, as well as the selection of furniture, fixtures, and finishes to create cohesion between the brand’s visual direction and the environmental space.



Need graphics to support your environmental branding? Our team of branding experts will work to create compelling graphics through connective design, whether it be something as large as a  mural or as small as a wayfinding sign.



We will provide you with the design of a full color, customized dine-in menu that aligns with the visual direction of your restaurant concept, and displays your menu items in an organized, easy-to-digest format. We begin with strategy and user experience, and then organize and format menu items in the most simplified manner possible without sacrificing imperative food item information. We will then translate the dine-in menu to menu board format, if applicable.



We’ve helped restaurants of all sizes enhance the customer experience for to-go and delivery through impactful branding that forms a lasting connection. We’ll strategize and design your restaurant packaging to connect and impact the consumer, striving for another order or a social share.



Also known as a vehicle wrap, vehicle graphic design is a great way to showcase your brand, increase brand awareness, and advertise your services. Our branding experts will design and develop graphics to emblazon your vehicle, and then work with the installers to make the mockups a reality.



Our copywriters will ensure that all brand materials—from social media to print advertising—feature language and calls to action that reflect your brand’s values and align with your business objectives. We’ll utilize your brand voice and key messaging to effectively communicate and build trust with your target audience across platforms.



Once we’ve identified your business objectives, we create a multifaceted annual marketing plan for boosting brand awareness, increasing revenue or sign-ups, driving website traffic, and more. The marketing plan will be composed of both recurring monthly marketing tasks and prioritized marketing projects, to meet the established marketing goals. The recurring monthly tasks will come paired with a suggested cadence and associated budget. The prioritized marketing projects will come with associated budgets, as available, and a suggested order for completion. 

We will compile our findings into a comprehensive presentation that we will review with you in detail. Upon presentation and review of your marketing plan, we will guide you through the decision making process as to which items you would like to execute. 

In addition to strategic planning, our team can also execute the entire plan with collateral and design that support your branding. During the deployment of the marketing plan, we will serve as your Agency of Record, supporting ongoing marketing efforts in the realm of brand support, strategy, graphic design, copywriting, content marketing, digital marketing, print advertising, website updates, social media and more. You will have a dedicated account strategist and a designer solely focused on your concept and receive performance reporting on a regular basis.



When creating a brochure for your business, we’ll lead with strategy and carefully consider your audience, brand, and business objectives to ensure cohesion. The brochure will be an accurate and powerful reflection of your brand identity, presenting your services and offerings, along with other imperative business information, in a compelling and purposeful manner. A brochure from Nice Branding Agency will stand out in a crowd and motivate your customer to take action.



We’ll design and write the copy for print and digital advertisements that speak directly to the needs of your target audience. With compelling copywriting, striking visuals, and strategic audience targeting, your advertisements will break through the noise and strengthen your brand. 



We’ll develop the strategy, graphic design, and write the copy for your digital advertising campaigns across Google and social media. We’ll then manage your campaign and report on the results so that you have a clear understanding of the ROI.



Your strategy on social media should prioritize building your brand through consistently published, professionally designed, on-brand social media posts. We provide ongoing social media support to clients, including content creation, graphic design, and social media management. Additionally, we offer a Social Pack: a set of 15 professionally designed social media graphics with captions, plus 15 brand hashtags that you can reuse to strengthen your brand over time.



In order to attract customers, influence their perception of your brand, and boost search engine ranking, you need a content marketing plan. This typically consists of well-crafted, recurring blogs that provide relevant and valuable information to you audience. Our team of copywriters will develop on-brand content and market it across various platforms such as your blog, social outlets, email outreach, and more. This fresh, relevant, and optimized content has the power to turn customers into loyal brand advocates.



We will conduct Keyword Research to inform the content strategy for your business. By analyzing the relevant search terms that your target audience is using on Google, we can implement those terms into your website copy, social media content, internet listings, digital advertisements, and beyond. This process is known as search engine optimization and it will improve your website ranking on Google over time.



We will conduct a social media contest on behalf of your brand, beginning with strategy development. Depending on your business objectives, we will create a contest that will generate brand awareness, followers, engagement, and boost brand sentiment. We will then run the contest from start to finish, engaging with fans, monitoring the budget, and facilitating the process of awarding the winner.



In addition to conducting keyword research, there are a number of other steps we can take to boost SEO on your website. We will audit the structure, page load speeds, image size optimization, mobile responsiveness, and use of clean, responsible code on your website to provide you with strategic and tactical recommendations for improvement. Specifically, we will identify keywords for each page, optimize page content, create a meta description for each page, and include SEO on product pages, product category pages, standard website pages, staff pages, and blog posts. Additionally, we will implement proper image naming and sizing with associated alt tags, as well as minimize the use of CSS and JavaScript, aiding in ideal load times.



We will run your email marketing campaigns from start to finish. We will first set the strategy to align with your business objectives, then we will write the content in your brand voice, create a custom graphic that aligns with your visual direction, and launch the campaign. After sending, we will report on the results, including a breakdown of the number of opens, clicks to your website, and more.



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Graphic Design Hour PacksGraphic Design Hour Packs

Graphic Design Hour Packs

You have the brand. Now what? Purchase hours dedicated to brand support, including strategy or graphic design. Hour packs are available in increments of 10 hours, and buying more saves more.

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Food PhotographyMouth-Watering<br />
Food Photography

Food Photography

Mouth-watering images of your menu items make a difference in your marketing materials. We’ll provide the props, backgrounds, food stylist and photographer to capture your dishes in onbrand, professional photos.