Brand Story: Tell it Loud, Tell it Proud

If you’re wondering if a brand story is necessary for your restaurant, we’d just like to say that yes, it is. Developing a restaurant brand story might take some assistance by a branding firm like Nice Branding Agency to create a lasting, emotional connection with consumers.

Why a Restaurant Brand Story is Important

Telling brand stories is nothing new. Brand storytelling is a great way to establish an emotional connection with consumers that goes beyond just what you do. Reaching that emotional connection piques interest that encourages people to take an action.

Lately, brand stories have become important for restaurants as people have realized how strong this emotional connection can be. With so many advertisements going around, ads with no underlying story are easily missed.

Long story short: great brand stories speak louder than other ads. A great story is hard to forget!

Every restaurant has a story to tell: you probably tell it every time you meet with a new client or when you hire an employee. A great restaurant story is created when a connection can be made with each customer, even when a personal connection is unavailable.

How to Create a Brand Story

When you’re developing your brand story, the first thing to do is to define your company’s goals and who you are as a company. These are the basics of your story. Next, determine who you are trying to connect with. What are those people’s problems, and how does your company solve them? What does your company do to change your customers’ lives?

If you can answer that question, you’re on the road to brand story success.

Steps To Branding

Spread the Word

Once you develop your restaurant brand story, there are tons of ways you can share it. Your website, social media and in-store or in-person experiences are great outlets to tell your story. It is imperative to create an environment within each platform that lets your story come to life. An effective story will be seen and felt at each touchpoint by every customer.

Your new brand story should be the foundation for your marketing initiatives both online and offline. All of your advertising and brand support should be based off your story. Everything from your social media posts to the wording on your menu should reflect back to your story.

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Keep Consistent

Confusion is the number one way to kill your brand connection, so keep it consistent! Consider your story in every arena of your business experience and marketing. You need to reinforce your message everywhere to get it across and keep it clear in the minds of your consumers.

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Get Started!

Ready to start working on your story? Pull out your pen and give us a call — we would love to start brainstorming with you.

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