The Science Behind Color Psychology

There’s no such thing as too much knowledge about color psychology for a branding agency. Color makes things interesting! It does more than that, though, too. Color evokes emotions, moods, and thoughts. In branding, color conveys a lot about your business. It’s a significant aspect of your brand image. The more you know, the better!

The Color Psychology of Yellow

Yellow is the happiest color on the color wheel. Yellow is a go-to color to convey optimism, warmth, and caution. It often represents the sun and brightness. Yellow is used often for companies that involve children or the elderly.

Color Psychology Yellow Happy

The Meaning of Blue

Blue is perceived as serene; it displays trustworthiness, loyalty and a dependable quality. It also often represents strength. Blue is one of the most commonly-used colors – nearly everyone considers using it!

Color Psychology Blue Corporate

Color Psychology Behind Green

Green, not surprisingly, represents nature. It symbolizes growth, freshness, healing and serenity. Emotionally, it coordinates with balance and safety. Medical companies and hospitals often use the color green. Restaurants boasting fresh food and clean eats also use the color green.

Color Psychology Green Nature

The Color Psychology of Purple

Purple is usually associated with nobility, luxury, extravagance, and sometimes Justin Bieber. Purple is rare in nature, so it is often also related to creativity, mystery, and nostalgia.

Color Psychology Purple Cozy

The Meaning of Pink

Our favorite one! Pink conjures feelings of innocence, delicateness, and femininity. Bright, hot pink shades evoke a bold and modern vibe.

Color Psychology Pink Fun

The Meaning Behind Red

Red is the color of blood and fire, so it’s used all the time to be associated with passion, energy, war, danger, and power. We see it used to represent love and desire. Red is intense and easy to see so it’s often used as an attention-getter.

Color Psychology Red Powerful

The Color Psychology of Orange

Orange is a punchy, warm, cheerful, and confident color. It is often associated, like yellow, with sunshine, joy, and friendliness. Restaurants use it often to stimulate emotions and appetites alike.

Color Psychology Orange Cheerful

The Meaning Behind Black

Black often represents intelligence, elegance, and authority. It’s a serious color that can represent evil and grieving. Often, it is used as a supporting accent color because it goes with everything. Yes, even brown.

Color Psychology Black Elegant

Did you know colors could say so much? There’s a lot of emotion that can come out of a single hue. If you are looking to infuse some new colors into your brand with some strong strategy behind them, let us know. We would love to help you pick out your restaurant brand colors.

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