Company Logo Design 101: 3 Reasons to Update Your Logo

An outdated or lacking company logo design determines when it is time for a rebrand. Sometimes, the growth of your business creates a need to rebrand your company logo design. Either way, we’ve created a guide of indicators so you can confirm when is a good time to update your logo.

It’s not always hard to tell when it’s time for a rebrand. When a tiny DIY shop makes it big and enters the corporate realm, they will need to update their brand so it works in a more professional setting. Other companies use a limited initial budget to get a friend to design a beginner logo in Microsoft Word, expecting to update their logo later once they have some income from their new biz.

Other industry indicators will show you if your logo colors or fonts have become outdated since you started using them. What if you try to scale your logo way down for Instagram, or way up for a billboard, and it turns out grainy both ways? What if you’re in a competitive industry and it’s been ten years since you did an update? All of these scenarios are good times to rebrand.

When to Update Your Logo

Deciding when it’s time to update your logo requires that you take a good hard look at your brand. You should assess cues from your industry to see if it’s time to do an update.

To do this, you should consider your brand strategy, the long-term plan for your brand. Basically, your path to achieving your business goals. Your brand strategy connects the dots between consumer needs, the emotions of your brand, and the competitive environment of your business.

Once you have a good grip on your strategy, you can assess whether the pieces of your brand are aligned with it. From here, you can decide whether pieces of your brand, like your logo design, need to be reworked, refreshed, or rebuilt.

Company Logo Design Tip #1: Purpose

We recently completed a company logo design for Curio Coffee, a coffee roasting company in Franklin. Their existing brand strategy was strong. They were focused on creativity and exploration in everything from their relationships to their logo. Their logo, however, didn’t represent all of these aspects of their brand. It was just a cool icon.

Once they noticed that their logo wasn’t in line with their purpose, they knew it was time for a rebrand project. We created a new company logo design for Curio, keeping their brand strategy in mind to create a final icon that represents the creativity and exploration that makes their brand unique.

Company Logo Design Tip #2: Brand Story

Another way to tell it is time to update your logo is the evolution of your brand story. Your brand story is the purpose of your brand. It’s the reason why your business got started in the first place, and the reason you keep going. It’s your point of view. It’s your mission. And if it changes, it’s time to update your logo design.

Your logo should always reflect your brand story.

Company Logo Design Tip #3: Adaptability

Branding is all about creating a consistent image, but that image has to be just flexible enough to adapt in an evolving market. A strong brand can adjust to stay relevant without changing out of the personality of your business.

If your current logo feels outdated or irrelevant, it is time to update your company logo design. Updating it will give you a fresh way to connect with clients and customers. Freshening up your company logo design communicates that you are evolving and improving. It also retains attention by highlighting your best attributes.

Are you curious about whether or not it is time to update your company logo design? We would love to work through your strategy with you to see if it a good time for you to rebrand your logo. Send us a message and let us get started on your next project.

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