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Tikka Shack

Indian restaurant marketing for Tikka Shack resulted in lines out the door during opening week. Our team created the modern, cheeky brand, and then drove traffic to the restaurant during opening week as part of our restaurant launch marketing plan.


After our Masala Wok branding project, our client Pramod Produtturi reached out to us for a new project: Indian restaurant marketing. The new fast-casual Indian restaurant would be an Indian food concept that mimicked the operations of a Chipotle-stye restaurant. Pramod and his new partner, Rez, were ready to get started, so the Nice Girls jumped on board to get the new brand going.

First, we got to work thinking up a new name. For this Indian restaurant marketing project, we needed a great new name. We wanted a name that would be indicative of the Indian food they would specialize in. Also, the name needed to be super memorable.

We decided on “Tikka,” which everyone recognizes as an Indian dish. Then, we paired it with “Shack,” which would bring out the casual nature of the new restaurant. Together, we had “Tikka Shack,” so we got to work creating a new logo and brand colors to go with the name.


With the brand name and logo set in stone, we started working on creating the interior space for Tikka Shack. We went through each customer touchpoint. We made sure each customer could feel the friendly, casual vibe of the Tikka Shack brand.

The interior was simple, sleek and casual with light wood tones, brick, tile and tons of hanging lighting. Benches and industrial chairs kept it casual and large digital menus kept the focus on the food.


We wanted online ordering to be simple and user-friendly on the Tikka Shack site. First, we created a super mobile-friendly design. Then, we developed the Tikka Shack website on the WordPress platform and connected it to Square. This would let users order online.

We also made this a one-page scrolling site. This way, customers can find everything they need all on one page.

This is also a great strategy for evolving Indian restaurant marketing campaigns. The one-page site means that they can quickly and easily update the content of their site whenever they want.


The final steps of this Indian restaurant marketing project were to snap some professional photos. Photos of their menu would be used in their marketing campaigns.

Next, we got to work spreading their brand across all of the platforms that would be effective to their target market.

We kept our clients’ budget in mind and created a specific plan for this Indian restaurant marketing. We used press releases, digital ads, email marketing, social media ads, organic social media and review management. This way, we were able to drive so much traffic to their new store on their opening day that they had to bring in extra food to meet the demand.

We continued to work on their Indian restaurant marketing project until they had a steady flow of business and great brand awareness throughout their city.

If you’re opening a restaurant and need to get diners through your doors, call us today. We’ve got the secret sauce.

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