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Valeo’s Pizza

Pizza restaurant branding for Valeo's Pizza began because our clients were expanding their business from a delivery service to include their first sit-down restaurant location. We started by refreshing their existing logo and then wove the brand through every customer touchpoint.


To kick off this pizza restaurant branding project, we took a look through their existing brand elements. Next, we proposed a plan of action. One of our first action items was to update their existing logo, but our clients, Christal and Eric, weren’t thrilled about that course of action. They had refreshed the Valeos logo only five years earlier. They just weren’t ready to go down that road again so soon.

We aren’t afraid to push back when we know how important one aspect is to the success of the branding project. See, at the time their logo wasn’t scalable, meaning we couldn’t use it on anything super big or super small. That’s a problem! With a logo this cool and a whole new pizza restaurant branding project at stake, we needed a strong logo to work with.

It was a tough sell, but with a little convincing, we brought them around to knowing that a little update would work wonders for their brand and their new dine-in location.

Then, we began the logo update process. We sat down with Christal and Eric to see what about their logo design they loved the most. They shared that the original Valeos founders had a neon sign hanging in their window. Incorporating that into their logo was nostalgic for them. We agreed that was a solid inspiration for a great logo design, so we got to work updating the Valeos logo.

For our logo facelift, we picked a new inline font that was indicative of the neon sign. A little custom hand-editing perfected this new logo and then we were off creating a set of refreshed icons to go with it.

These new icons came with brand new sayings to emphasize the Valeos values throughout their branding materials.

Pizza Restaurant Branding | Interior

The pizza restaurant branding project continued with environmental branding. We started with the floor plan and created a seating layout. We wanted to provide an optimal number of seats that would fit in all the happy customers without feeling too tight. Throught this plan, we incorporated the customer journey so that the paths would make sense. We needed efficiency and safety so each customer could get to the pizza as quickly as possible in the best way. For the floor plan, we also incorporated a glass wall to divide the kitchen space from the dining area. Also, our clients wanted to be sure there weren’t any tables floating in the middle of the space, so we made sure to incorporate that into our design.

With the floor plan set in place, we got to work on the smaller details of the interior until every piece of it had been decided. We picked out wall colors, light fixtures, flooring, flooring transitions, chairs, booths, table tops, bar tops, bathrooms and every other detail that the customer would see.

For a focal point, we created a light fixture that reads, “Say Cheese” in cool, industrial lights. The overall style of the Valeo’s interior was industrial and vintage, so this fixture wasn’t just a showcase of the brand personality, it also provided great contrast and nice, warm light.

The Valeo’s interior we created is so much more than a typical pizza parlor look. We brought their brand personality into every element of the interior design. We emphasized their Italian roots through traditional colors, red and white, with comfy booths and old-timey black and white photos. Contrasted with plush leather, rough-hewn tables and industrial seating, we got a one-of-a-kind look that tells the Valeo’s story.

Window Clings

Next, we got to work decorating the Valeo’s windows to display the brand while construction took place creating the interior. The window clings we created displayed the brand loud and proud to announce the new location. The window clings created a statement. Additionally, they would help build brand ambassadors even before Valeo’s opened their doors.

Pizza Branding Food Photography

All really good food needs really good photos, so we set out on a food photography mission to capture some great photos for Valeo’s. We needed incredible images to do their food justice so we could display it on their menu, in their promotional materials, and on their website.

To start off, we purchased our props and plane tickets and jetted up north to set the scene. To present the food in the most compelling manner, we food styled our hearts out with backdrops, flatware, bowls, plates, and ingredients to create some of the most mouthwatering photos we’ve ever seen.

We worked off a shot list to make sure we captured each Valeo’s offering (and tasted it all), and then we headed back to Nashville to put our shots to use.

Pizza Restaurant Branding Graphic Design

Once we got back, we worked on making sure every remaining customer touchpoint displayed the Valeo’s brand. This doesn’t mean we put their logo on everything. Instead, it means that every element of their restaurant fit in and told the same story. We worked on take-out cups, kids menus, coloring sheets, custom menu boards, and employee attire.

For the menu design, we created industrial bars for the menus to hang on over the point of sale. We made sure they could be used for both dine-in and take-out information. We worked out a careful flow through the menus to guide the customer journey. Ordering pizza shouldn’t be rocket science, people.

Pizza Restaurant Website

To us, websites for restaurants should be filled with two things. Those two things are mouthwatering food and motivating calls to action. For every website project, we start with wireframes to map out the customer journey. Basically, its the same idea as the floor plan. The customer journey comes first.

The wireframes we created are a skeleton of the site that plan out the pages and where each element of the site should go. During wireframing, we figure out what each page will look like.

After the wireframes are all mapped out, we get to work on design that reflects the brand direction and the goals of the rest of the brand. For Valeo’s, we created a site that featured simple navigation and tons (but not too many) of the food photos we had carefully taken and edited to perfection.

Much like an open house, we stage and present the site for client review. After a walkthrough to the site and any tweaks were made, we launched the site and got to work on the Valeo’s marketing plan we had proposed.

Pizza Restaurant Branding Launch Marketing Plan

The marketing plan we proposed to our client included pricing and details for two plans. One we could carry out, and one they could do all on their own. In the end, our clients decided to split it with us. Therefore, we took on the bulk of the initiatives and worked on reaching their target market on every possible outlet.

A lot of work goes into the opening of a new restaurant. If you have a great idea for a yummy new spot and want our help bringing it to life, give the girls at Nice Branding Agency a call.

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