Six Bomb Diggity Business Cards from a Graphic Design Shop

We live in a digital age, and some people worry that the restaurant business card has less purpose now than it used to. However, as a graphic design agency, we disagree. Your business card can still be the first impression someone makes with your restaurant. A business card is an opportunity to make a great first impression in a tangible way.

Your restaurant business card should be professional, well-branded and sleek. If your restaurant business card is flimsy, cheap, or foldable, you are missing an opportunity to connect with potential customers and represent your restaurant as a well-established business.

It is our responsibility to design a compelling card that makes a great statement about your restaurant when you hand it to someone you need to impress. As a branding agency and not just a printing company, we have experience perfecting designs for dozens of restaurant business cards.

Here are six ways you can customize your card to fit your brand and make a great impression with an on-brand printed piece.

Restaurant Business Card Design Tip: Use Photos

This restaurant business card we made for Franklin Juice Company makes a great visual impact with the photos. Their brand is fun, youthful, personable, and fruity, and their business card gets this across well. We mixed up the images on the back of each card so each member of their leadership could have a custom card. The variety highlights the spontaneity and fun they infuse in their brand.

Image On Business Card Design

Restaurant Business Card Design Tip: Incorporate Colorful Sides

Get a little edgy and color the sides of your cards to emphasize your brand colors, a bold design or the thick stock you splurged on. These thick cards feel weighty and, well, expensive, which is impressive all on its own, but the thoughtful addition of colored edges add a punch of design to any card.

Colored Edge Business Card

Restaurant Business Card Design Tip: Add Spot UV

Mixing textures is a great way to add interest to your card. This matte restaurant business card for Honest Coffee Roasters looks sleek with a glossy spot UV texture overlay. This added elegance is unique and really steps up a simple, monochromatic design like this one.

Spot UV Card Design Agency

Restaurant Business Card Design Tip: Change the Shape

We’ve featured a lot of square cards in our list of top restaurant cards for a good reason. They are simple to create, but the unique shape makes each business card stand out. This an easy way to obtain a unique shape without cashing out on a custom die-cut.

An added bonus of square cards is that the extra height adds some extra surface area to your card that you can fill with more cool stuff. It will still fit in every standard wallet and still give you a little bonus room for your custom design.

Square Graphic Design Restaurant

Restaurant Business Card Design Tip: Make it Mini

So, we know we just said that bigger cards are cool, but so are the mini ones. Tiny can make a mighty big impression! Slimmer cards feel more sleek, a little special and add a lot of interest. Saving on space also can save you money on printing materials per card.

Smaller cards require a more minimized design, but if your restaurant brand values simplicity, smaller cards can be a great option.

Does your restaurant business card have a purpose behind its shape, size, and texture, or did you get stuck with a plain one? We can always take on a business card project, even if you’re not ready to jump on board for a full rebrand. Give us a call and let the Nice girls perfect your restaurant business card.

Mini Business Card Design Branding

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