Implementing a Social Pack for Restaurants

Our Social Pack is a collection of 15 top-notch, professional, custom and reusable social media posts,  used to support and strengthen your restaurant brand.

Created with the goal of being evergreen content, each professionally designed graphic aligns with your brand’s visual direction, while the corresponding caption features key messaging. 

Our goal is to ensure brand consistency throughout your feed and across social media platforms. Your Social Pack content allows users to get to the heart of your restaurant brand and connect with the core of your business.

In order to help you fully take advantage of your Social Pack, we’ve put together a few tips:

social media scheduling

1. Schedule your posts

You should schedule out your 15 Social Pack posts so that your branded posts are sprinkled throughout the rest of your curated content. Spreading them across one quarter of the year, and then rescheduling them in another quarter, or even all quarters of the year, allows you to get a lot of use out of your Social Pack investment. 

The simplest way to do this is with a social media management tool like Later (best for Instagram), Loomly (best for optimization across platforms) or Buffer (best for additional features).

Keep in mind that every time you publish a post, it demonstrates your brand’s visual direction, voice, and key messaging. The beauty of a Social Pack is having reusable content that brings all of your posts together and weaves your brand throughout the feed. By scheduling out the posts, you save yourself the time and energy it takes to come up with new content every day.

2. Use Social Pack posts to supplement real-time content

Social Pack posts are meant to supplement—not replace— authentic, real-time, and behind-the-scenes content that you ordinarily share on social media. By sprinkling in these  posts, your feed will, at a glance, give new and existing customers a precise and enticing sense of your brand identity and connect them to the personality of your business.

To get the most out of your investment, we do not recommend publishing the 15 posts consecutively. The posts will have a much larger impact on your audience if they’re spread out over a length of time.

For inspiration, check out this Social Pack blog, which summarizes our process for developing a Social Pack for Nashville realtor Krista Jameson. Then hop over to Krista’s Instagram account to witness how she has successfully implemented her Social Pack posts into her feed.

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3. Post frequency depends on your social media strategy

Depending on how often your business posts on social media, you may want to use a graphic from your Social Pack once a week, or between each real-time post that you publish. When deciding your publishing strategy, consider your audience, business objectives, and which platform you’re using.

In general, when it comes to posting frequency, you will ideally try to strike a balance between informative and annoying. The prime number of posts differs per social media platform (Facebook’s content life cycle is longer than Twitter’s, for example) and industry. Most businesses should aim to post, at minimum, three times a week and, at most, five times per week to maintain consistency.

social strategy tips

4. Lengthen the lifespan of Social Pack posts by editing the caption and hashtags

While the social media graphics will remain the same, you can stretch the lifespan of your Social Pack. To get the most out of your investment, revise the captions and hashtags every time you post a graphic beyond the first time, so that the posts stay fresh over time. 

It’s also completely fine to rerun these social media posts precisely as they were made—after all, they are tailor-made for your restaurant by our team of strategists. However, if you rework the caption a bit, you’ve just gotten yourself a two-for-one! Don’t forget to swap out the hashtags to extend your reach as well.

One last piece of advice for your social media strategy …

It’s important to keep in mind that not every social media post will be seen by your entire audience. As you gain new followers, your Social Pack posts will act as helpful tools to rapidly inform, educate, and spark engagement around your brand.

When posting on social media, keep in mind: quality over quantity. To build a loyal following of brand advocates, your posts must be relevant, helpful, and interesting. 

If you’re in need of support for social media management beyond a Social Pack, call us. Our full-service social media management plans include content planning, art and caption creation, publishing, monitoring and reporting. 

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