The Difference That Professional Food Photography Makes

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Written by: Nice Branding Agency

It’s been proven that seeing photos of professional restaurant photography makes people legitimately hungry. (Google the hormone ghrelin if you want to know why). I mean, check this out:

professional food photographer
professional food photography
professional food photography

Yum, right?? Warm, steamed jasmine rice, rich tikka masala, and fluffy naan bread topped with spices and herbs. Our stomachs are already growling, and it’s only the beginning of this blog! Looking at this photo is an experience. The ingredients, props, angle, and lighting tell the story of the dish and make you crave it.

Now, just for a second, compare the feeling of that professional food photo to these:

Not quite the same, right? The white background is bland and boring, and the plate is more colorful and interesting than the food! If we’re gonna get nitpicky, the dish on the left looks dry, and the one on the right doesn’t make sense… spoiler alert: this photo isn’t even a real dish (thank goodness).

Believe it or not, these photos are all from the same restaurant: our client, Masala Wok. They started out with the second set of photos, and thankfully they knew as well as we do that those weren’t working.

I mean, it should have been obvious; this photo doesn’t feature a real Masala Wok dish. Raw cucumbers, onions, carrots, and lemon slices as a side at Masala Wok… that wouldn’t happen in a million years. But we digress.

How Food Photos Increase Sales

Masala Wok contacted us for restaurant branding, and one of the first projects we guided them to was food photography. We knew the impact professional restaurant photography would make on their brand overall and how valuable the images would be to each of their marketing materials. We knew their photos needed to represent their brand and their food. Additionally, the images would be a major player in the creation of marketing materials designed to drive sales.

food photography design agency
professional restaurant food photography

For a restaurant, showcasing your core offering in its best light (literally) is a strategic investment you won’t regret.

Each image from your professional restaurant photography project can be used digitally and in print over and over, increasing the return on investment, so it’s really a no-brainer purchase for your marketing. Think of how many places you can put a great photo: on your menu, in your ads, on your restaurant interior, on your social, in your marketing, and yes, of course, there are more.

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