Pump up the Google Reviews

In today’s world, people are using Google Reviews all the time to pick out restaurants. Online reviews influence the decision-making process so much. Having good Google Reviews amps up your credibility with your customers. Nothing turns a browser into a buyer better than a chunk of positive Google Reviews.

However, in just the same way, negative Google Reviews can easily deter potential customers for your restaurant.

Beyond all this, though, Google Reviews also impact your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), making them a key part of your digital strategy.

This article from Search Engine Watch shows that well-written positive reviews increase your visibility on Google. This means that positive reviews can boost your SEO without any work from your SEO team or your sales team. Holla!

We’ve also read that a huge percentage (like… 70%!) of consumers are willing to leave a Google Review if the business asks them to. That being said, what’s the best way to ask your customers to leave you a great review? Sounds a little awkward, but we promise it doesn’t have to be.

Here are five tips to get Google Reviews from your satisfied customers.

Quick side note: these strategies require that you have an email marketing list for your restaurant first. Don’t have one? Stop now and give us a call.

Step One

First of all, your restaurant has to be giving the kind of service, environment and food that is worth leaving a review about. And not in a bad way. No marketing plan in the world can help you out if your restaurant service is less than stellar. So, first make sure that you’re putting your best foot forward.

Restaurant Environment Reputation

Step Two

Keep in touch with people that visit your restaurant. Follow up quickly after they visit to capture the emotion of their great visit right after it happens. Asking too late for a review means your visitors might forget how great their visit was.

Often, after a super great experience, customers might reach out to you personally in-store or over email to compliment you on a job well done. During those conversations is a super good time to ask them to share their experience online.

Step Three

Next, your job is to make it really easy. Link them to the page. Give directions! Do everything you can.

In case you haven’t found them before, here’s how to get to your Google Reviews:

  1. Google the name of your business.
  2. Look to the right side of the page.
  3. Click “Write a review.”
  4. A pop-up screen will invite you to write your review.
  5. Copy the URL at the top of the browser.
  6. Add that URL to your website and social media posts for users to access.

Keep in mind that if someone doesn’t have a Google account they won’t be able to leave you a Google Review. Linking your Facebook page is another good way to gather reviews for people that don’t have a Google Account.

Website and Social Media Reviews

Step Four

Be consistent. Make gathering Google Reviews a regular part of your operations. Put it on your receipts for every customer. Put it on your social media regaularly, on your walls, say it outloud. Do whatever you have to do to regularly remind customers that their opinions are valuable and that Google Reviews help you out so you can continue to provide them great service.

To us, the easiest and maybe most valuable way to do this is to use an email marketing platform to send out branded emails encouraging your email list to leave you a review.

Step Five

Update your employees. Let them know why the reviews are valuable, and enlist their help in gathering them throughout their interactions with your customers. Customer satisfaction should be a priority for everyone in your restaurant, so encourage all of your employees to help you request great reviews.

Want a branding agency to help your restaurant throughout this process by initiating the process, gathering emails, branding your emails and crafting your messaging? Reach out to the team at Nice Branding Agency today.

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