What Does a Branding Firm Do?

So, what does a branding firm do? We hear this question all the time, guys. Sometimes we hear it from prospective clients, so we wanted to clear up what exactly it is that our branding firm does.

We defined what branding is on a separate blog, but just for a refresher, branding is the perception of your business, created by all your customer touch points together. How people perceive all of those things is your brand. Your brand isn’t just one element. It’s not just your logo. It’s all the elements working together: your logo, your colors, your interior, your business cards, your website. It’s all the things.

Who Needs a Branding Firm?

A branding firm is essential to any business who knows they need to control the perception of their company. Our clients are all businesses who want to control, maintain or improve their perception. We also take on new businesses who know they need to start strong to be perceived well in their market.

Refreshing or rebranding an existing company is something we do a lot as a branding firm. We take old brands that aren’t creating a cohesive story and rework them with solid strategy into a better aligned brand. This process carefully preserves brand awareness while breathing new life into an old brand.

However, when we start from scratch creating a new company’s brand, we dig into who you are what what you do, as well as your target audience and create messaging and touchpoints that create the perception you need.

Ok, but what do we actually do as a branding firm? Keep reading.

Who Needs Branding Firm

Your Branding Firm is Your Therapist

Before we can start working on your branding, first we have to know who you are. To create your branding, we first need to be able to sum up everything you are. Are you able to do that for your business? If not, don’t worry… we know it’s hard. But we can help you out.

Part of our responsibility as a branding firm is to be able to help you figure it out. We have a strategic discovery session with new clients to take a deep dive into what makes them tick. Usually, we sit down with your key peeps and ask them a lot of questions. How did you start? What were the goals when you started? What are your business goals now? What are your differentiators? What problem does your business solve? How does your business compare to similar ones in your market? What are you passionate about?

These sessions tend to feel a little bit like therapy, but that’s our job. We figure it all out together so that our next steps towards creating your branding reflect who you truly are and what your goals truly are.

Brand Therapist Company Story

Your Branding Firm is Your Strategist

Ok, so during the discovery consulting stages of your project, we’ll need a lot of input and info from you. But once we get to the strategy section, you can sit back and relax and let our strategy team get to work.

We put in the research into your industry, combine it with some creative brainstorming and start strategizing the positioning for your brand. The strategies we create are specific. We address what we need to say and how to say it, both in words and visually throughout your branding.

During the strategy session we also work on defining together with you what results we are looking for from your branding project and how we will measure them. This will depend on your needs and why you need branding in the first place.

Rest assured, though, that our strategies are tried and tested across the board and that there are tons of deliverables from working with a branding firm like Nice Branding Agency.

Strategy Branding Design

Your Branding Firm is your Designer

With a plan in place we can start creating your branding. This almost always begins with key graphic design elements like your logo, icon system, website, and stationery suite. We start from the ground up to make sure that everything your customers or clients can come in contact with represents your brand well.

Graphic Design Studio

Your Branding Firm Creates Value

We kind of just touched on this, but your branding firm creates more than just pretty visuals for your business. The value created by a branding firm generates real results. The story created for your brand that we communicate through all of your brand elements drives your goals and runs your campaigns.

The better your branding is, the better your clients and customers will be able to relate to it. That means your sales will increase, and your internal teams will be proud to work for you, in turn providing better service, and so on.

At the end of the day, you started your business for a reason. We want to help you tell that story through carefully crafted branding. Are you ready to get started revamping your brand or get going on something new? Contact us today.

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