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At Nice Branding Agency, we are restaurant branding specialists. And, as such, we equip restaurant owners and restaurant operators with bold branding that will entice customers to walk through the door time and time again. 

You see, as the best restaurant branding company, we do more than just design a restaurant logo and leave you to your own devices. Our experience and innate knowledge of the restaurant industry allow us to guide restaurant owners through a solid process for branding that connects with consumers, building a connection that will stand the test of time. 

While the visuals for a restaurant brand might seem to be the most exciting part of the project, that’s not where we start. Implementing restaurant branding takes tons and tons of capital. So, out of respect for the process, we start with Foundational Branding. 

This includes a deep-dive discovery session where we work to define the heart of the brand, so we can activate the soul of the brand in a purposeful manner. 

We uncover who your restaurant is within the competitive landscape and why people would want to experience what you’re offering. We talk about competition, business goals, offerings, plans for growth, and more. Then, we work on our own research and strategy for your brand. Finally, we deliver to you a positioning statement, a set of defined and assigned brand attributes, and options for visual direction.

With the Foundational Branding solidified, we then use it as the lens to create aligned restaurant brand support. The support included in our Mighty Restaurant Branding Package includes logo design, menu design, menu board design, staff attire, environmental branding, environmental graphic design, a stationery package design, and a custom WordPress website. 

Our tried-and-true process allows us a structure to work within that prioritizes creativity and custom designs. We create compelling, bold restaurant brands, and we’ve done it time and time again for restaurants nationwide.

Additionally, our process is backed by a team of account directors and strategists. Our accounts people are able to seamlessly guide you through our process, providing opportunities to weigh in at key points with feedback and approval.

Expectations are clear from the start, and deliverables are communicated before the project begins. Clients are assigned a dedicated project manager who maintains the cadence of the project and keeps the work aligned with the scope and timelines.

We love what we do, and who we do it for. And we’re honored to share a couple of quotes from clients who’ve been happy with the restaurant branding work we’ve done for them, and consider us the best restaurant branding company. 


Vibe Organic Kitchen + Juice

Josh Leibowitz came to our team with a need for a logo design. He was opening a vegan cafe in Newport Beach and knew the value of a strong brand in that market. We impressed him with the solution for a logo and he went on to have us develop brand support including a takeout menu, food labels, and window paper to brand the new restaurant. 

Josh’s understanding of what branding is and his openness to our ideas made this a successful project. He understood his industry, had an innovative vision for his restaurant and trusted us to bring it to life. Here’s what he had to say. 

restaurant branding company review

I love working with the Nice team, they are wildly creative and professional. They ask great questions and really do their research to ensure they understand your vision. I am beyond happy with the look they created for my brand and we will continue to work together going forward!

– Josh Leibowitz, Owner of  Vibe Organic Kitchen and Juice

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Valeo’s Pizza

Christal and Eric Spata came to us at a pivotal moment for their business: They were expanding their takeout-only pizza joint in Kenosha, Wisconsin, to a dine-in restaurant, and they wanted to do it right. They reached out to our team who could help them through a rebrand and launch of their dine-in addition.

Valeo’s did it right. They enrolled in our Major Restaurant Branding Package and allowed our process and our expertise to lead the way. Our team refreshed their logo, worked on the environmental branding for the dining room, created a new menu and website, and so much more.

But don’t just take our word for it! Check out what our clients thought, too:

restaurant branding company review

Nice is the most amazing branding agency. We have been wowed so many times by them. I’ve come to see them as a true partner of our business. I look forward to having a long working relationship with them as our business continues to grow.

– Christal Spata, Owner of Valeo’s Pizza

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That Awesome Taco Truck

After spending almost two decades in Boston working in fine dining, and with years of experience as a head chef of an award-winning restaurant, Danny Bua moved to Nashville to spice up the restaurant scene. He decided to open his own taco truck to serve up imaginative tacos on the streets of Nash. And, boy, are they good!

He approached our team to create the logo and develop the design for the food truck. Additionally, our restaurant branding agency supported him by creating brand support that was bold and cohesive. 

Since then, we’ve seen him at food truck festivals, concerts, and more, standing out from the competition with his custom food truck wrap. We look forward to grabbing a taco almost as much as we look forward to seeing the truck design out in the wild.

See more food truck graphics we have done in our Food Truck Roundup.

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NICE has been amazing to work with! They have been responsive and enthusiastic and they did an incredible job with our logo and branding. Highly recommend!

– Danny Bua, Owner of That Awesome Taco Truck

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16 Handles

The 16 Handles team reached out to Nice Branding Agency to partner as they worked through a rebrand. We were stoked to work with a legendary company with a passion for their product and drive to improve their brand. Founder and CE-Yo! Solomon Choi valued the brand awareness 16 Handles had built but knew he wanted to work with experts to offer an outside perspective. 

For this one, we packed up our bags and took a trip to the Big Apple for a discovery session that set the foundation for a logo refresh, menu design, packaging design, interior branding, consulting, and brand support. 

This was a large restaurant branding project for a fro-yo concept with multiple locations, and strategy led the way. Design followed, and fro-yo finished it!

best restaurant branding company

We enjoyed working with the Nice Branding team as they understood what appeals to our core demographics and reflected that through packaging and the in-store experience.   

Solomon Choi, Owner of 16 Handles

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Our clients were not only satisfied with our process and service, and felt the brands we built for them were bold and positioned them for success in their markets. 

If you’re looking to work with the best restaurant branding company, reach out and we’ll reach back. Our restaurant branding packages include precisely what’s necessary to build a restaurant brand. By enrolling in one of our offerings, we’ll guide the process so that unexpected expenses will be kept at a minimum and you’ll walk away with everything you need to position your restaurant for success.

Our creative approach to restaurant branding and messaging, coupled with our tried and true process allows our team of interdisciplinary creatives to produce bold, relevant restaurant brands that cannot be ignored, time and time again.

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