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Nice Branding Agency specializes in bold food truck design that entices hungry customers and keeps them coming back for more. We’ve learned there are four main things that have to fit in a food truck: an entire kitchen, the food, the staff, and a brand.

Since food trucks are mobile, they have to continually sell themselves to a new audience. They definitely make a lot of first impressions. And that’s where the food truck design comes in. 

In a row of food trucks, you want hungry people to choose you over your neighbor. What if there are two taco trucks right next together? How will you convince a taco-lover to come to your window? By a great truck design, of course!

Today, we’re walking through a few of our favorite food truck designs and answering some questions about the food truck design process.

The Burger 360 Food Truck Design 

The Burger 360 team initially approached Nice Branding Agency with the need for a logo and a custom food truck design that would bring their concept to life on four wheels through compelling and bold design. Our team worked to develop various logo options, and, based on the chosen logo, we moved on to create a custom truck wrap for the burger food truck. 

Our team used bright, bold colors and a modern design to bring to life an image that showcased the out-of-this-world burgers the concept served up. As branding experts, we created a brand pattern that included their offerings of burgers and fries to quickly inform hungry customers of what they would find served up street-side, while adding a strong brand element to the overall design.

Our content team developed short, witty sayings that aligned with the cheeky attitude of the brand. Phrases like “oh sweet chili” and “grab our buns” stamp the Burger 360 truck all the way around. 

The pattern, sayings, eye-catching colors, and bold design make this burger food truck attractive and enticing to potential customers. 

food truck design
food truck graphics

That Awesome Taco Truck

Can you actually have the best tacos in Nashville, the Nashville vibe, an incredible team, and a real bold brand all in one food truck? That Awesome Taco Truck is proof that you can. 

That Awesome Taco Truck is a hip taco business with a following to prove it. Just think “unicorn colorful” meets “Nashville vintage vibes” and you have yourself the That Awesome Taco Truck brand. 

They came to us needing a bold brand that could back up their creative menu. They needed a logo design,  website design, and truck wrap to get the new restaurant going. 

To create the custom truck wrap, we expanded on that concept and created a simple truck with a big message: this truck has awesome tacos. The loud graphics on the truck include colorful touches on each taco, bold colors, and a simple design that’s alluring without giving too much away. Kind of like a unicorn IRL. 

Scout out the truck design in Nashville, or, NBD, check it out on Season 2, Episode 12 of The Cooking Channel’s Food Truck Nation. It’s casual. 

taco truck
food truck branding

The Four-Legged Foodie Truck Design

Four-Legged Foodie is an Atlanta-based food truck that serves hand-crafted treats for pups. Find it and you’re sure to encounter a bold brand and at least a handful of adorable dogs. 

The chef-crafted canine concept came to us with their business idea, a dog illustration of their muse Zoey,  and they wanted it all. They needed a logo, truck wrap, menu design, website, attire design, and more.

After working through the design of the logo and the website, our graphic design experts set out to create a custom food truck wrap that would grab the attention of anyone who laid eyes on it. 

We worked to incorporate the muse for the brand in a big way. Additionally, their whole concept is ingredient-focused: they proudly serve healthy ingredients for happy, healthy dogs. So, the truck design is a full custom wrap with a custom-made pattern that showcases the fresh ingredients in the food and treats they serve. 

We used the brand colors, the logo, the slogan, and our best design skills. The result. A show-stopper. 

four legged foodie truck
food truck graphics

The Franklin Juice Company Truck Design

The Franklin Juice Company truck is a great example of a truck that fits the brand not only because of the custom food truck graphics, but also because of the truck model itself. 

Franklin Juice Co. is a local Franklin, TN, fresh-pressed juice joint that focuses on sustainable eating, serving up healthy, delicious food and juice, all while supporting organic farmers. As a whole, the brand is young, fun, very cool, and super fresh. And the truck they picked out is exactly that. 

They reached out to our team with an existing logo that needed a professional touch. They also needed a cohesive brand direction, menu design, environmental branding, and other brand support.

The food truck design came together after we solidified the brand direction and finalized other brand elements. The final truck design is purposefully composed of powerful brand components. 

Want to see more of this bold restaurant brand? Get all the details in our project showcase for Franklin Juice Co

The final combination of their bold brand and the unique, vintage truck is something that makes you want to slap your momma, and get some juice.

juice food truck design
food truck graphic design

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