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Taco Garage

Taco restaurant branding for Taco Garage was one of our favorite projects. Our team worked with Taco Garage founders to create foundational taco restaurant branding elements and brand support that provides a straight up fun environment for patrons.

A brand new taco restaurant branding project for Cindy and Rick Story in Murfreesboro, Tennessee was a project we jumped on quickly. Restaurant branding and tacos are two of our favorite things. We were super into this full-on branding project that included menu design, interior branding, and logo design.

After Cindy and Rick picked us as their taco restaurant branding agency of choice, we put on our brainstorming caps and got to work.


First, we needed to solidify the brand direction for their brand new fast-casual taco concept. At Nice Branding Agency, we use brand boards to create distinct brand directions for our clients. For this project, we created three: Taco Diner, Taco USA, and Taco Garage.

Now, usually, these brand boards aren’t officially named. The names just describe the vibe of each board. However, this time, both the brand board and the name for Taco Garage were so on-point that our clients kept both.

And just like that, the brand direction and name were officially decided! Next, we moved on into phase two of this taco restaurant branding project.


Now, we knew the name (Taco Garage) and the vibe (grungy, cool, and bold) we were going for. Next, we got to work designing up their logo. We developed a grungy little graphic to represent Taco Garage throughout the rest of their collateral. Then, we got to work stamping it (not literally) everywhere as we started on branding the Taco Garage interior.


Next, we worked on bringing the Taco Garage brand into the physical space of the restaurant. To make this new taco restaurant a hit, we knew the interior had to be on-point. Additionally, first-time customers needed to know what Taco Garage was about the second they stepped into the door.

First up was the floorplan. We wanted the customer journey through the restaurant to be efficient. After all, the people need to be able to get their tacos as quickly and as easily as possible. We created a clear aisle where customers can go through straight to the register. Then, booth seating and a few big tables emphasized the Taco Garage vibe: casual and focused on enjoying real good tacos with real good people.

Once the floorplan was all mapped out, we got to work addressing everything else. Additionally, we looked at each light fixture, floor graphic, interior sign, table, and chair to turn this new space into the first Taco Garage.

Environmental graphics all over were bold and cheeky, making for great Instagram photo-ops and emphasizing the fun, casual brand voice that Taco Garage has. For example, “Take the Tacos & Run” is posted up right next to the take-out counter, partly to guide take-out-orderers to the correct spot, but mostly to bring a big piece of the Taco Garage personality up onto the walls.

Finally, neon signs, brick, and industrial installations further the “garage” feel and create a casual, welcoming environment. No white tablecloths here.


A fast-casual taco joint like Taco Garage needed a fast and casual menu system. No sit-down, fold-over laminated menus should be found at a garage. Therefore, to make a cool, personal menu, we created short, customizable tear-off cards. Additionally, these short little sheets (and the little golf pencils provided) line the way to the cashwrap so each customer can customize their taco order.


For this taco restaurant branding project, we created a custom designed and developed website with a super great URL: The main purpose of the Taco Garage site was to entice visitors to get off the web and into their restaurant, so we filled the website with hunger-inducing food pics and calls to action.

Additionally, knowing that a huge percentage of their website visitors would visit on mobile, we finessed the user experience into perfection so the site would function flawlessly no matter what device you access it from.


After such a fun taco restaurant branding project, Cindy and Rick let us continue to work our branding efforts toward their marketing. First, we determined a plan for a loyalty system to acquire customer emails and phone numbers through the POS system. This way, we could follow up with them for future marketing efforts and grow Taco Garage’s reach. This would encourage customer loyalty.

Next, we carried out the Taco Garage brand on social. This would grow a following in Murfreesboro and get the community excited for their opening. We maintained online engagement through live content and regular posts in the Taco Garage brand.


The Taco Garage menu looks incredible. So, all we did to make their food photography pop was bring in some professional lighting and on-brand props. The resulting images were truly mouthwatering, yet simple. They reflected the whole purpose of their brand: to bring simple, great tacos to Murfreesboro.


Finally, we knew that Taco Garage’s employees would be some of their most important brand ambassadors. We created on-brand uniforms that fit right in with the Taco Garage vibe. Simple tee shirts with some real cheeky messaging were just right.

We synced up the Taco Garage brand and carried it out on everything from the logo to interior design and the menus. Therefore, the Taco Garage brand is clear and effective. By creating such a clear concept, we were able to bring something brand new to Murfreesboro.

Are you dreaming of a new restaurant concept that needs a solid brand to back it up in a new market? Send us a shout out – we would love to put our branding brains behind your ‘biz.

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