The Importance of Restaurant Menu Design

Restaurant menu design is a key component of your restaurant branding, and your restaurant operations in general. Your restaurant menu design should display your brand’s personality loud and proud while it showcases your menu items. Menu designs should be easy to read and navigate.

Today, we are sharing three examples of stellar menu design to unveil some tips for good menu branding.

Restaurant Menu Design No. 1: Carl’s Tavern

carls tavern menu design review

The first menu design we are covering is from Carl’s Tavern in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Their menu is full of tasty eats is laid out really well. The one-page menu is a smart choice: it is efficient for the reader (and also cost-efficient!).

Carl’s used design elements to highlight key menu items, like the colored callout boxes. The order of the menu also follows through how you would order, starting with appetizers and going into salads, mains, sides, etc. The colors and vintage typography throughout the menu design bring the tavern feel of the brand to life.

Menu Design No. 2: Shoreline

shoreline retro menu graphic design

Shoreline is a retro coffee shop with a complimentary teal and orange color scheme. The colors and typography give off a crisp feel and a retro vibe, through creative, cohesive fonts.

Here, the pull-out design elements also bring attention to specials.

We love the Shoreline menu design for its organization, creative typography and fun, retro vibe that comes across throughout the whole menu.

Menu Design No. 3: Blind Butcher

blind butcher restaurant menu branding design

The Blind Butcher menu design is a perfect example of a no-brainer way to use color. The layered, colorful menu, printed with black ink on colorful paper is a fun twist on menu branding.

The menu is well thought out; the pages are well organized and layer into a neat stack of complimentary colors on a cool, rustic clipboard that matches the brand. We also love their commitment to a simplistic typographic design that really brings out the vintage feel.

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