social media services

Extend the reach of your brand on social media with professionally designed social posts created by Nice Branding Agency. Our social service offerings include ongoing social media management, where are team handles it all, or packs of social posts to their social channels on their own accord.

Our full-service social media management plans include branded art and caption creation and publishing.

Alternately, if you are looking to supplement your social channels with branded content, our Social Packs are a great pick. Each Social Pack includes professionally designed square social posts. The squares will be accompanied by supporting post text to align with your brand voice. These posts are created with the intention to be evergreen content, allowing you to use them over and over on your social channels.

Either way you choose, we will provide you with the brand support necessary to extend the reach of your business on social media.

social packs

social packs

With our social packs, you can continue to brighten and command attention with your social media presence, with well branded graphics packages provided to you each quarter to post monthly.


15 design graphics with captions quarterly


6 design graphics with captions quarterly

social media management

social media management

If you you're looking to turn over the controls for your social channels, we can manage your presence by posting Social Packs for you and making sure there is always active brand awareness happening for you online. Social management includes the Social Packs.


$1,248 per month


$898 per month

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Restaurant NamingRestaurant Naming

Restaurant Naming

Our team takes a strategic approach to creating compelling restaurant names that serve as a vessel for holding the brand story. Our process for naming includes research into your differentiators and competitive landscape, and creative development of three options.

Branded<br />
Promo ProductsBranded<br />
Promo Products

Promo Products

Nice brands deserve to be shown off on nice products. Extend the reach of your brand and generate interest in your business with uniquely curated and expertly designed branded products.

Professional Designed<br />
Social PostsProfessional Designed<br />
Social Posts

Professional Designed
Social Posts

We will supply you with professionally designed post art, and carefully crafted copy to set you up for success on social. Additionally, we’ll curate 15 hashtags to help improve the reach of your organic posts.

Visual DirectionVisual Direction

Visual Direction

A visual direction brings your restaurant concept to life and becomes a guide to align the visuals related to your brand. We’ll develop three brand board options, and you’ll select one.