Why Partner With a Restaurant Branding Company?

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We are Nice Branding Agency, a restaurant branding company in Nashville, Tennessee. Our specialty is creating engaging brands for restaurants big and small and then using it to brand every touchpoint throughout the customer experience.

What Does a Restaurant Branding Company Do?

Once we start working with a restaurant, our restaurant branding company teams up with the restaurant owner or operator to define the goals for the restaurant. We want to know how customers engage with the restaurant and what makes the restaurant operations tick. We take that info and brand it to perfection, bringing the brand to life through the environmental branding and creating an experience for every customer.

The Masala Wok Project

We started a branding project with Masala Wok, an Asian fast-casual restaurant, in 2015. The brand we developed was featured by the Menu Shoppe.

Before they worked with us, Masala Wok had been in business for 10 years in Texas and Virginia. They were doing well enough, but they weren't connecting with mainstream diners, which is why they reached out to our restaurant branding company to update the brand.

Through this project, we got to design the environmental branding for two new stores. We addressed every aspect of the new interiors, starting with the updated logo and brand colors, and all the way to tables, seating, menu boards, flooring, and more.

At the end of the restaurant branding project, Masala Wok website visits reach more than 4,000 every month, and their social media following grew by more than 8,000 new followers.

When we take on a new restaurant branding client, we keep the restaurant's end goal in mind the whole way. No detail is ever too small for our restaurant branding company! Our team creates cohesive restaurant experiences by addressing every customer touchpoint.

A Message to Restaurant Owners

As a restaurant owner, keep your focus on the food. That's what you do best! When it comes to your branding, get a restaurant branding company to do what they do best: attracting your target market and making your brand cohesive and accessible.